It's still Nov 19th for me!

I just got home so I am claiming this as a post for the 19th...even if that is cheating. I just got home from seeing the new Bond movie which was surprisingly good. After the movie Brent, Heather, Emily, Becca and I headed over to Denny's for some late night food and scum(the card game). I never ended up as El Presidente, but I did manage Vice a couple of times, but was mostly neutral, scum or super scum. We ended up getting our desserts free as I had to send my Pumpkin pie back twice because it was frozen. The third time it was very hot, and I was satisfied. Everyone was happy with the free desserts though.

In other news...I got my contacts (I have been wearing my glasses for the past 3 months) and all day yesterday and today I have gotten so many complements on how beautiful I looked. I also curled my hair today instead of straigntening it. Apparently it looked good. And I liked my flower. I'm not vain or anything....really. ;) Oh and Mike commented on my boots today. Apparently they were "really high heels" or something like that. 3 inches...meh.


Heather said...

The best thing about Mike's high heel comment, though, was that it was *totally* out of the blue.
And yeah, thanks for the free dessert. heh. :-D

Chantaloupe? said...

Aw you're soooo pretty! Definitely am a fan of the curls! I'm glad you found Bond good, I'm going to see that on Friday :)