Definitions of Diva

Urban Dictionary:

Also known as a prima donna ("first lady"), and especially in an opera. Refers to the leading lady of the production. The male counterpart is the divo. Plural, including male and female singers, is "divi" (DEE-vee), or, if just female singers, "dive" (DEE-vay).

Also refers to a bratty, demanding, self-centered person, regardless of whether they're a performer or not.

Here comes our diva, the spinto soprano Catarina Cassotto... and our divo, the lyric tenor Roberto Daza

a distinguished female singer; prima donna.

I will admit it, from time to time I can be a bit of a diva in the sense of a "demanding, self-centered person" but this usually happens when I am in a performance. Those people who were in Touchtone M for Murder can agree with this. When it comes to shows that I am in I demand a higher level from my fellow actors. If I am in a lead role and you aren't, I should not know all my lines before you know yours. If you are in a lead role, you need to have your lines memorized prior to tech week. This really isn't something huge to ask of you. As an actor this is expected of you. You screwing up is inevitably going to screw other people up, including me...so don't screw up! and if you do...know how to cover...don't stop and look like a deer in the headlights, this is going to make a complete fool of yourself and everyone else on stage, and please don't say "that wasn't your line, this was..." and insist on going back. Life doesn't work that way, neither does the stage!

So anyway, Jim if you read this I am going to apologize ahead of time for my possible behaviour in the next couple of days. I think I have done a good job holding in my real feelings thus far. As opening night is tomorrow, I will try my best to stay on my best behaviour, but I can't promise anything.


Heather said...

I wonder if I could get away with the diva excuse? ;-)

JEK said...

I am in complete agreement with you, Robyn. I am sorry for not having my lines down at times. I hope that you have felt I have brought down my fist when I need to though. Today was awesome. And I haven't noticed anything bad about your behaviour. You've been fine. I guess I have a hard time imagining you getting demanding. Maybe I'll be blessed with that part of you rearing its head over the next few days. Hurrah.

sharon said...

wow - who knew there was so many varieties to the word. I definately did not know there was a male version or a plural version. girls always get a bad rap. Way to be a diva Robyn. LOL - Just do what you have to - it's all good

RobynRenee said...

haha...wow Sharon, you really did rush home and read this entry ;) and Jim you really have no need to apologize for, you have a lot on your plate and all with directing this crazy ship, so don't worry about it. And I really hope that you don't see the ugly part of me rear it's head...it really wouldn't be a blessing...trust me. Today went awesome though...well yesterday?? and today will be awesome too. gah..I need to go to bed.