hmmm..perhaps I should update...

Ok the play went amazing! the first two nights were a bit rough, what with sound problems and all, but the 3rd and 4th nights were awesome! The third night was by far the best of the 4 though. at least for me, the 4th night I messed up a bit, apparently not enough for most people to notice, but I noticed. Such as the line "you don't know the computer's library system?" and Donovan having to say "So you wanna hear about lions?" when I forgot to change the subject. It went well though, and I can't wait to get a dvd copy. My parents came down for the play. They loved it and went to both friday and saturday's performances. Brendon came up for it as well. He went to all 4. He's my biggest fan:)

I'm kinda sad that it is over now. There is always that letdown after you work so long at a play and spend so much time with the cast, and then all of a sudden it's over. Part of the WOAH what do I do now is being done school for the semester too. I had my last exam yesterday. So basically the last week went tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, production, production, production,production and cast party, study for exam, exam, and now what??? Still adjusting, but today was very relaxed. It was nice.

Tomorrow things get kinda busy again. I work tomorrow and Friday, and then Saturday morning I am heading to Vancouver to visit with Brendon. He works 3 of the days I am there so I may be slightly bored some evenings. So if any of my friends live in the Van area and want to have dinner/coffee with me I am all for it!

I think I am going to read now. I haven't gotten a chance to just read for pleasure, and not for memorizing scripts, in a while.

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CJF said...

Glad to hear the play went well! I had wanted to go, but work... well, was work.

Hope you're having fun in Vancouver!

(This is Chris Fof, in case you were wondering. Bwah-ha.)