Happy Love Thursday

It is Love Thursday once again...well every Thursday is Love Thursday :) So yeah here is my entry for today, and my picture...yes of course it is of me and Brendon! We just looked so cute on New Year's Eve!

Today I realized that I get kind of annoyed when the writers of the blogs I read faithfully don't update. I really like hearing about old friends, and wives of old friends, and distant friends of old friends and random people's lives. So as I was going through my list of more frequent reads and getting curious as to why some of them haven't updated I can to the realization that I have not updated in a few days, and someone out there might be feeling the same way about me and my blog. So I am going to share some things about my year thus far.

On Wednesday the 3rd my parents came into town. It was great having them stay with me. My parents had some good bonding time with Zach, and he actually didn't run away every time my dad walked into the room. This was a big step for them :) Zach even let my dad hold him and enjoy some cuddles (it took a bit of dad holding him down and not letting him move), but it was cute while it lasted. On Friday the 5th my mom and I made a turkey dinner and celebrated Christmas with the whole "family": Beth, Heather, Pam, Brent, Brendon, Rosemarie, Bethany, and Brittany. So there were 11 of us in my small one bedroom apartment living room. But it was fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was the first time my parents and Rosemarie(Bren's mom) met, so it was nice to have that happen on "Christmas".

On Saturday I had to say goodbye to Brendon when his mother and I dropped him off at the bus. It was really hard having him for 2 weeks and then having him leave not knowing when I will have a chance to see him again...other than on web cam, which just isn't the same! It was nice having him here though and getting to know his family better. I know that I am welcome in their home, which feels great. I am really hoping to catch a few of his sister's basketball games this season.

Tuesday was my first day back at classes. I was less then thrilled at the idea of going back. Especially with 830 morning courses. Now really I should be grateful that I only have class two days a week, and I am....it's just that I don't particularly find the idea of getting up and walking to school in the cold/snow for an 830 morning class where the prof is so excited and energized she makes everyone else feel even more tired! I love the class and her just not the time slot! OK moving on...Acting. We got to start working with our directors this week. On Tuesday we had to go in front of the prof, which really wasn't that bad at all. I felt bad for my director; she was really nervous! It went well though and by today's class I was off book, and am starting to feel comfortable with my character. Today was also the first day of Anthropology 111- Human Origins. It sounds like it will be a neat class. Not thrilled with the textbook cost. $92 USED! and it's little!

Tonight we had our first Young Adults of the year. It was awesome to see some new people come out, and some old ones who have been gone and are back. We delved deeper into our study of 1 John and learned about how God can give us confidence when we are feeling uncertain. At least that is what I got out of it. :) I'm really looking forward to this coming year and what it will bring.

OK so this got a lot longer than I expected, but maybe there are actually people out there who are actually interested in my life??? If not oh well! Happy New Year Everyone!

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