I <3 Popcorn!

My favourite snack is popcorn! I absolutely love it. I can't go to a movie at the theatre without buying popcorn. Brendon said it was funny that he only gets popcorn when he is going to a show with me. I can't help it. It's just so darn good! My favourite, other than theatre style, is Smart Choice White Cheddar popcorn. I can't walk down the snack aisle at Safeway without picking one up. It's sad that I can eat a whole bag in one sitting. It's just so yummy. Another favourite popcorn is caramel popcorn. I got the best this Christmas from the youth pastor. I have to get the recipe from his wife!

National Popcorn Day

When : January 19th
The origins of this holiday are unknown. We have not found any information or documentation to confirm this is a true "National" day. But, don't let that pop (burst) your bubble, err pop your corn that is. It's a day to celebrate healthy (until you load it with salt and butter), and addicting popcorn. Strangely, National Popcorn Day is in January, yet National Popcorn Month is October. According to tradition, it is celebrated on January 19th each year. There is some suggestion that Popcorn Day may, at one point, have been tied to the Superbowl. And, we found one reference to it being on January 30th. On National Popcorn Day, we suggest you pop up some fresh popcorn, kick back and enjoy! Also note that "Caramel Popcorn Day" is April 7th.

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Heather said...

Mmm popcorn. So good. I still get it stuck in my teeth pretty badly though, so that makes it less fun, but not less fun enough that I'm going to stop eating it heh! (What, you wanted a less inane comment? Too bad. :-P)