9 days...

...til the end of NaBloPoMo and payday! I am so excited for both of them!

Today started out horribly, but ended up alright. I woke up at 3am after a good solid 6.5 hrs of sleep...yep I went to bed at 830pm with a killer headache. Somehow I fell back asleep, slept through turning off my alarms and woke up with 20 minutes til I had to be on a bus to head to work. I somehow managed to get showered, dressed, hair and makeup somewhat done and on the bus in time to not only get to my destination on time, but early enough to get coffee and a danish! (It helped my boss was late!)
Work was good. Sales were better today then they have been all week. AND I got to have lunch with my amazing friend Justin! I haven't seen him since we both lived in Kamloops (I think we may have had dinner in Terrace after he moved?) Anyway, it was awesome to catch up with him. We chatted about school, and life, and possibly fulfilling our dream of bungee jumping?!(since he went skydiving without me argh! ) I'm really looking forward to hanging out with him(and his girlfriend) again. It should be fun!

oh and Jen, Brandy and I made shortbread cookies today. It was a fight to see who could get the most of their cookie shape in the dough...which ended up in some pretty mutilated hearts stars and flowers. And there was a huge flour fight at the end...pictures to come.

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