City Splash

It was like in the movies. The beautiful girl is standing at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change, when a bus drives by through a puddle splashing the beautiful girl with cold, muddy water. Yes, that is what happened to me today. I am very thankful I have a black coat and not the cream one I was going to buy. I am now home, changed into my lulupants and drinking a hot mug of chai. I am finally warm and not as miserable and cold and wet as I was earlier. Thankfully the splash happened after I was done work, although it was on my way to see my boss.

In other wonderful news Leitha had her baby!!!! So congratulations on the birth of your daughter Hayden Breanne. She is absolutely adorable with a full head of brown hair! I was bald 'til I was 2 so babies with hair intrigue me. :)

And on a festive note. If anyone wants to get me presents this year...I would love money. Living in Vancouver is expensive. :)


Mrs. Wilson said...

money? I don't have any, sorry ... how about a really nice comment?

Tiffany said...

Oh that sucks! It's only happened to me once but it is definitely an experience I don't need to relive... at least it wasn't on your way to work!

Vancouver IS expensive!!! And wages don't even come close to keeping up to the cost of living. It sure is depressing sometimes!