Cutting it Close

I had a lovely day today in the sun. I wish it was sunny more days. But...I am in Vancouver.

I would upload pictures of my events tonight, but Blogger apparently hates me and completely froze my computer when I tried to upload them. So no pictures today. But I will tell you that I went to Denny's tonight with Brendon and Pierre, and although we didn't have Larry serve us (and subsequently get a free meal out of it...I'll explain on a later date), I did get to see Larry. He walked in as we were leaving. All I can say is that he was everything I hoped and dreamed of. I will have to elaborate more later...but I am very tired. So I guess that is a teaser to what is to come.

Good Night.

PS. Brendon and I ate out twice today and with both meals I only spent $20 today. And I paid for it all. I am impressed...oh and we were both full...and they were healthy meals :) and no salads!

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