Thankful for Answers to Small Prayers

Tonight on my way home from Brendon's, I prayed a small prayer. I prayed that the bus that I would be transferring to after the skytrain would still be there when I got there. As I got off the skytrain I saw some people running towards the bus, and I quickened my steps. As I turned the corner, I heard the air being released from the brakes as it was ready to take off. I started to run for the bus, and...the doors opened and a kind-looking older gentlemen was smiling at me. He waited 'til I sat down and the bus began. It was very nice, as I usually end up arriving shortly after the bus has left and end up waiting the 10-15 minutes for the next bus.
This is why I thank God for answering my small prayers.

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Heather said...

Those little answers can make a day go a lot better :)