...I don't feel like I have done too much. Really that is how my week has felt. I still have no job, but things are looking up in that area. I have 2 interviews, which I'm feeling pretty good about.

I really don't have anything else interesting to say. This is sad.

Oooohhhh....Heather guess what I found in my move and am currently reading and really need to get back to you, or owe you dinner or something for!!!!???? The Protector. I don't remember you bringing it over. I do remember saying you couldn't find it though....so I'm guessing you brought it over at some point and it got lost somewhere. It was on my bookshelf which means Pam probably saw it and put it there, thus me never realizing I had it. But i'm finding great enjoyment out of reading it now. Especially because I am so bored!

Ok readers and lurkers...give me ideas of what to write about...so this won't happen again! Is there something you are dying to know about me? Leave me a comment...leave it anonymously if you wish. Just let me know that somebody is reading!

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Heather said...

Haha it's a library book, too! I just checked, and they don't have another copy, so I should get it back from you, even though I paid to replace it, if that makes sense?
This nablopomo stuff is hard, eh? Some days are easier than others, and it's good to stretch the writing muscles, but I'm drawing a lot of blanks!
PS - did you change the name of you blog (I'm on top of the change eh?) because it reminded you of the 'Vous?