Yeay for no work Fridays!

Brendon and I have been having the most amazing day ever! I have so missed days with him where we do absolutely nothing, and yet have such a great time together. We decided a day like this was important, since we haven't had a whole lot of time together since I moved down here. We played the Question game (yeay Pam!!!) which ended up with some pretty hilarious questions and answers, and actually just talked. I've missed that.
Bren made me brunch at like 2pm. We had pancakes, eggs, toast, and ham. He makes the BEST breakfasts ever! Dinner is my area of expertise when it comes to cooking; breakfast is definitely Brendon's.

We are now off to some party out in Tsawassen with Pierre. I figured I should blog now since who knows when we will get back to civilization.

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Heather said...

Sounds like a great day :) Especially the having-someone-else-cook part heh.