My Back Yard

Today after having coffee with my friend Jen, I decided to take me new camera to the "lake" behind my building and take some pictures. Oh I didn't mention I bought a new camera? Well, I bought a new camera! It's a Nikon D60. It's my baby and the best birthday present ever! Thanks mom and dad!

Back to my story....I have been wanting to get out to take some pictures for awhile, but since it is perpetually rainy on my days off I haven't had a chance. So today after it had rained a little and stopped I ran out and took as many as I could before the rain started again. I've uploaded 4 of my favorites. The 5th and my most favorite is my new border.

At some point I hope to take a class and actually learn how to use my camera instead of just playing around and seeing what works. :)

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Heather said...

Those look great! Excellent work. I'm so jealous of the new cam ;) I'm gonna work on getting a new lens next...probably a fifty mm.