Oh Happy Day

For some reason I am in an incredibly good mood today...and now I feel like watching Sister Act 2.
This picture was taken just over a week ago while I was hanging at the beach with my good friend Jen. I figured a picture from the beach would be a great image for today. That beach has been a really cool place for me recently. Last night I decided to go to the fireworks alone, as everyone else I knew who was going was heading to kits. I grabbed my keys and cell phone and headed down to the beach. As I made my way through the crowds trying to find a place to stand and watch the fireworks, I saw a space and maneuvered my way as quickly as possible towards the spot. The guy beside me started talking to me, and turns out he's from Germany (it's impossible for me to meet anyone who is actually from Canada), and his friends quickly showed up. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the night, had all you can eat sushi, and then they eventually drove me and my bags (I have been house sitting for 2.5 weeks downtown) home...to Burnaby! So here's the cool part (other than getting a ride home!): on a beach of several thousand people, most smoking weed, drinking beer or whatever else, I end up standing with a group of Christians. Yep God is good. I can't wait to check out their church and hang out with them again.

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