Your Life Story In Six Words...

...That's what SMITH mag is asking of people. They have already published one book of Six-word memoirs and are working on 2 new ones: Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak and Six-Word Momiors.

I have been enjoying reading some of them, as well as trying to think of my own...obviously I can't add to the Momiors yet, but reading is still fun.

Some of my favorites from reading today:


Two toddlers. Too tired to type.
by Emily Laber-Warren

Puppies would have been much easier.
by HerminiaB

Three years, three kids, I'm tired!
by Monique Holmes

On Love and Heartbreak

he's weird, but he's MY weirdo!
by kevin rendon

He even liked my granny panties...
by Susan Breeden

Wish love had a "backspace" key.
by Susan Breeden

Wish love had a "backspace" key.
by Susan Breeden

Invited ex to wedding. Should've known.
by Sara Weiner

They're all frogs, Princess. Get hopping.
by 46wits

Men come and go. Sisters stay.
by sisterpoet

One of mine....

Found my diary; missing the past.

You should check out the website. And then comment your own memoir. Can you choose only six words?

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