No NaBloPoMo for Me!

So this year I decided not to do it. I've tried the last two years, failing the first and succeeding the second, but decided this year not to commit since I know I would fail miserably. This is why:

I started a new job which is incredibly time consuming and will only become more so in the weeks to come.

I am currently doing a lot of writing off of my blog and really don't have much of anything interesting to write on here anyway since I am
a) not engaged/married
b)not pregnant and
c) not a mommy
oh and d) nobody cares what I ate for dinner

Any spare time that I do have when I'm not working or writing will be spent building my relationship with my friends and learning how to play guitar.

I will update sporadically...as per usual...if anything exciting happens or I get the urge to update, like today.

1 comment:

Heather said...

You could post cookie recipes? haha. Yeah, nothing for me either so I too am not jumping on that particular bandwagon. What's the new job, anyhow? Did you take that one at whatever that store was? (heh. details. i remembers them.)