Yesterday in a montage...ish...

I recently watched Marley & Me and quite liked the "montage" of dude's life, so much so that I have actually been thinking in this form.  And Jen and I (sidenote: we finally moved in with each other again!!) have actually been talking in this form....on occasion...usually i start it...

It began yesterday when we went for a walk...
grabbed some money
locked the door
got to the elevator
realized i had to go pee
made jen unlock the door
went pee
went back into hallway
waited for elevator
got into elevator
talked about renting a lens for my camera
walked out of building
realized that I should probably bring my camera
made jen unlock the door
jen refused to go up - gave me the keys
went back into the elevator,apartment,room
found camera
back into elevator
met jen outside in the sun
started on walk...well coffee break first...
mentioned how hungry we were
decided to walk first eat later
walked towards the park
walked by "my last name st"
thought we were lost
finally found the right path
found some purple flowers
took pictures of flowers
found a tree
jen climbed tree
took pictures of jen in tree

laughed when jen decided it wasn't such a good idea on the way down
climbed tree myself
had same thought on the way down
walked along stream

saw some kayakers
wished i was kayaking
took picture of them instead

walked across dam
found a water pump
reminded me of sealey lake pump
took pictures pump
got splashed
tummy started to eat itself
turned around
found a spider
took a picture of spider
found some horses
took a picture of the horses
almost stepped in poop
joked about pushing jen in poop
jen joked about punching me if i pushed her in poop
joked about how hungry we were
not for poop
finally made it back to civilization...

ate lunch
went home
had a cat nap
went to the hannah montana movie
watched and enjoyed the movie
got out of movie
wanted to do the hoedown throwdown on the skytrain platform
wanted to do the hoedown throwdown on the skytrain
wanted to do the hoedown throwdown on the skytrain platform
did it...a little 
(I wish there was a picture of that...)

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Heather said...

I wish there was a picture of the hoedown throwdown too ;)
Great collection of shots! If they were on flickr I'd fave at least one heh.