Too many clothes

How do I know I have too many clothes? Is it the over flowing closet? Is it the fact that my closet is still over flowing even though I have an overflowing suitcase of clothes? Is it the fact that I have TWO closets and several laundry baskets full of clothes at any given time? Nope, I realized I have too many clothes today when I did 2 loads of laundry and they mostly consisted of underwear, because I still have lots of clean clothes....and I have enough underwear to get me through almost a month without having to wash a pair! 

I have never in my life owned as many sundresses as I do now.  In the last month I have bought probably about 5, and the sad thing is that I can't even wear them this summer as I will be at camp!! I have way too many shorts and tank tops, and for some reason sweatpants! I have no idea why I have accumulated soo many sweatpants! Yoga type, both long and capri and a couple of each, actual sweatpants, again both capri and long! 

I have always  reasoned with myself saying it's okay since I have different wardrobes, city clothes, camp clothes, fall/winter clothes, and summer clothes.  But even though yes I do have separate clothes for each, there are the basics that go all throughout. 

I know now why I am always broke. I should have listened to my mom when she told me I shouldn't work in a clothing store.  But at least I look cute :)


Heather said...

It's scary to think how many more items of clothing you've accumulated since we last cleaned your closet ;)

ChelseyPoelmanPhotography said...

its so true, when we moved to telkwa i got rid of 5 garbage bags full of clothes to salvation army..now, i have a bigger closet and it is still jammed packed full, i dont feel like i always buy clothes, but turns out i do! i know exactly what you mean!