Lamest sight ever...

On my way home from class today I saw...get this...a truck...yep that's right...a truck with a spoiler! I was like ...WHAT?!!! To start off with it was a big Ford Off Road 4X4, crew cab, long box. WITH A SPOILER! Who the hell puts a spoiler on a truck! Maybe it's just my "small town upbringings", but if he were trying to make himself look hot because he has a spoiler on a truck...I would not date him. But than again, I don't like Fords..Found On Road Dead and Fix Or Repair Daily didn't come from nowhere people. Yes I know I am bias, because I'm a daddy's little girl, and he doesn't like fords. But I honestly started laughing when it drove by. It was the most rediculous looking thing I have ever seen! I came home and googled this to see if maybe it's a new thing, and yes you can get spoilers for trucks now. But most of the ones I saw were just little spoilers, which still look dumb. But this was no little spoiler, it was more of a spoiler you would see on a little sports car. So lets just get this straight....Trucks are not sports cars..they are meant for pulling and hauling, not for street racing! Leave the spoilers OFF!

In other news, my Greek performance of Medea went superb! Matt you are aweome!

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Heather said...

That's just as bad as the huge, lifted truck I saw with a baby carriage in the box!