Well That Was Unexpected

This morning began very quiet and usual. I woke up, rolled over, Zach started bugging me for breakfast, got up, fed him, remembered I have to feed Pam's cats as well, went upstairs and fed them, came back down, crawled back into bed, read some comics, and then the phone rang. This is the unexpected part. I said hello, and it was a male voice. He said "guess who this is" or something of that nature...so i'm trying to figure out who this is...kind of sounds like my brother, but the guy keeps saying no. I swear it is him, and then something clicks and i'm like "woah James?" It was nuts. I never thought we would talk again so soon..and remember it's been over a year since we talked. So we caught up quickly. He was at work so he had to go, and I had homework I needed to start on. But yeah, it was very strange. I was totally freaked out for awhile. still kinda am. It was good to hear from him though, and that he is trying to get out of Hazelton. Very much needed. Hazelton sucks. So yeah, that was my unexpected morning events.

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