Starting Over

Well once again I am starting a new blog. I have now done this 4 times in the past 2 months. But maybe I will actually stick with this one instead of deleting it after a few entries. So in other way of starting over, Brendon and I decided to start over on September 1st. After a couple of days hanging out, we went to the beach and had a huge water fight and then I kissed him - not what I had planned on, but it happened. Afterwards it was apparent that a much needed talk was in order, so we sat down on the beach and talked until I got cold. It's been really good, and we have both realized that the break for the summer was a good thing as well. Since then I have gone down to Vancouver to visit twice. We went to Playland with our friend Pam this last time, and I got to go on my very first rollercoaster! It was so much fun. I broke a couple of nails, but it was good :) I was even convinced, after some tears, to go on the Hellevator. I don't like elevators and I don't like heights so this was a great accomplishment. The three of us also got tattoos that weekend.

This one is mine, I really liked the little butterfly. I got it on my wrist.

This is Pam's. She really like the fairy. She got it on her upper back, between her shoulder blades.

This is Brendon's. He really liked the idea of having Goku on his arm. The lady did an awesome job making the hair look flaming. It's obviously on his arm.

Ok yes the are airbrushed tattoos. But like we were going to get real ones! We are poor! These only cost like 5 bucks each. Well mine was $4, Pam's was $5 and Brendon's was $10. It was fun, and felt neat. It only lasted a couple of days and then rubbed off. But it was fun.

Hopefully I'll actually keep updating this. Maybe I'll update this one instead of my MSN one...hmmm..we'll see.

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