Bad Apples, Tag, and Play Dates

Today was fun. It basically started at work. I go pick up kids at their school and wait with them for the Waumba bus, and today was awesome because Emily and I got the playground to ourselves and we played on every piece of equipment from the swings to the swaying bridge to the slidy little airtram thingy. I also showed her how I do monkey bars: jump to the first one and then once I get to the second bar I can now walk the rest of the way. She found it very amusing.
When we got to the church their were bananas and popcorn waiting for us as we were going to be watching LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. Since I had not seen this one yet, I was pretty excited! I am very disappointed in how many VeggieTales episodes I have not watched yet. (Great Christmas present..hint hint.) "Knock Knock" "What's your name?" "Temptation"
Afterwards while Carol cleaned I played Everybody's It Tag. I almost won; I was up against 2 of the fastest guys and one got me before I could get the other. It was great, and the kids loved that I was playing with them and not just letting them win.

I am going to start setting up play dates with Zach, Lida and Kyla. Today went well. Zach got a bit scared when the girls hissed at him. But he had balls and went up to them and explored a bit. Hopefully they get used to each other soon.

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Heather said...

Zach had balls? That's unpossible! :-D
Sounds like had fun. Now I want to go play on the swings .