Childhood Hideout

Heather asked me for some ideas to blog about, and I referred her to some websites of journal ideas(yeah they are for elementary teachers but they are helpful!), and I realized that I hadn't blogged for the day yet. So here is # 62 from the Journal Jar :

Did you have a childhood hide-out? Where? Describe it.

I had two.
Thre was a stump that if I climbed up to it I could look over the garden. It was really peaceful, and a good place to think if needing a place to escape. I think my brother first showed me that stump. It was his favourite place to go be alone after a fight with the parents.

There was also a group of trees up in the horse pasture that my friend Heather(not the one up that I gave ideas to) and I would go in the summer. It was really neat, because it was shaped so that there were diferent "rooms". Their was the main entrance and the living room just to the right, the kitchen across the hallway from the living room, down the hallway and around the corner were 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. There was also a backdoor and porch area. We used to bring as many crab apples there as we could carry and then determine if they were male or female depending on the bumbs they had on them. hehe...fun times. Speaking of other fun times with Heather. We used to sit on the hitching post and sing songs at the top of our lungs. Usually songs from musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, or later on Little Shop of Horrors. It didn't matter the season; sun or snow we were out there belting out the songs. I think Heather would probably be the only person growing up that I could belt out songs and not feel embarressed or anything. We just didn't care.
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Heather said...

My "place" was the hayloft out at the barn. It was surprisingly warm in there, even in the winter. We'd move the bales around and make forts.

JEK said...

I was Neo followed by Batman. Accurate? Probably not.