Bored in Banff

Due to the fact that the Greyhound lady didn't tell me that our tickets weren't good for today until after I bought them, we are in Banff for an extra day. This morning we went to the hot springs which was...uh..hot. We stayed in a bit too long as we were both feeling a bit dizzy after getting out. But we had fun. And when we left girl was arriving with a bunch of roses. There was a sign outside with another rose basically saying "6 years ago I asked you if you would want to be with a guy like me you saidd yes, now I am going to ask you another question and I hope the answer is yes. Come meet me where I asked you the first question." It was pretty cute. The girl looked prtty excited when she saw the sign.
We have wandered around Banff, had lunch, saw Borat...which was ..umm...interesting. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are comfortable with full frontal male nudity..which I am not.
We have decided to basically just hang out and do nothing for the next couple of hours. That would be why I am on here now. Needed something to waste time since Brendon doesn't want to hang out in Starbucks and read/play DS. Well hopefully we find someplace good to eat, and then off to see another movie...Stranger than Fiction. It better be better than Borat!


Heather said...

I imagine Stranger than Fiction will be better. Borat sounds akward. Dad was talking about going to it tonight - I am now *very* glad I didn't go with him.

JEK said...

Stranger than Fiction is, in my opinion, one of the best movies this year. It was so well done and the cast was incredible. I was surprised by Mr. Ferrell's acting chops. He was funny but not in a Ferrelly sort of way. It's right up there with Little MIss Sunshine for me as this years best. I hope you enjoyed it. If not, you no longer have a part in the play. Just thought I'd let you know.