My Photoshoot with Heather

Today Heather was kind enough to do a photoshoot with me as I am needing some head/body shots for next weekend. We needed a somewhat neutral background, so we decided that we would head over towards Winners, mainly because I was wanting a panini. We used Winners as our background, and I had my first real experience of having everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE stare at me. I was nervous at first, but Heather was great. She had me staring at the red one "which red one?" "the REALLY dirty one!" "oh ok"...."now look at the shopping carts like they are really hilarious" "hahaha" "good now look at A&W like you are really hungry" that one is not posted. But you can look at some of the good ones if you like. Just click on the link below.
After the shoot, we went into Winners and looked at all the Homesense goodness. I want a house that I can decorate :) I got some practice in my new stiletto boots, and although we didn't go to Booster Juice I did get my panini at Safeway (along with a chai tea latte at Starbucks :) )

Well enjoy the photos...it was fun :)

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Anonymous said...

So we kind of wrote the same post? I had fun too! Mmm...panini.