Day 7

Well today was a pretty bad day, so I won't bore you or have to relive it myself by writing about it. So intstead I will be borrowing an idea from another blog I read and tell you what is in my purse.
  1. Random candy: a reece cup, a green apple laffy taffy, 4 sweet tarts, an aero bar, bag of Runts, and a box of nerds. Also a mint from Boston Pizza
  2. my wallet
  3. my Twinject 0.3mg Auto-Injector....epi-pen
  4. 6 bobbi pins
  5. package of halls
  6. 2 nail files..one from House of Knives :D
  7. my keys
  8. lip gloss
  9. a penny
  10. pair of scissors
  11. unfinished friendship bracelet I started at the daycare
  12. reciepts from Roasty Jacks,Dollar Giant, and SafewayStarbucks
No my cat wasn't in my purse, he just moved into the picture and layed down when I was going to take it. He's cute like that/

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kitten probably could fit into your purse, if it was a "big purse" day. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Let me know if you need chocolate.