Starbucks Splash!

Today, while hanging out with Heather, we stopped at Safeway for a panini, soup and Starbucks(i'm not an addict!). While the barista or whatever they are called was shaking Heather's shaken vanilla lemonade passion ice tea the lid came off and exploded all over the guy! It was pretty hilarious. He was pretty embarassed, but dealt with it with some good natured humour. It made me smile :)

I had a pretty good day in all, but really I don't want to write about it since it was pretty boring. So I will leave you with this:

This has been the only time I think I am actually happy someone is getting a divorce.


Heather said...

I'm boring!? Wah! Just kidding...it was uneventful. But that's alright. At the very least, we finally got you caught up on Smallville! (Oh look! Brendon's hand!)

JEK said...

You bad, bad person, Robyn. Happy someone's divorced? Just awful. Think about how K-Fed feels. Or Fed-Ex as I heard him called recently. Apparently he was dumped over a text message and Fed-Ex got it when he was on Much on Demand. THAT sucks. Oh well. And you're not that bad. Just a bit.

Heather said...

Yeah, I saw that FedEx thing somewhere and I'm pretty sure my drink came out my nose with that one.