wookies wookies everywhere

so for those of you who don't get what the wookies have to do with anything, on the badge that i had for nablopomo it said a post a day keeps the wookies away or something to that effect.

anyway....i bring news. i will probably be moving in the new year. due to money restraints pam and brent invited me to live in their spare room upstairs. i'm thinking i may as well do it. they are wanting to buy a house next year so i will get the basement of that whenever we move. so i will be moving up in december and officailly moved up dec 31 i suppose. i could still use prayer on that though since i have been living on my own for quite awhile now and sharing a place will be difficult for me.

well now i guess i am going to go to bed. we watched heroes (wwwoooowww!!! i love heroes!) and house tonight and did a 7-ev run. and zach got to know his new cousins some more. we even left them alone for the trip to 7ev. he was still alive so it went well.

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