Shortened Trip But a Fun One

I went down to Vancouver on Saturday to visit with Brendon and get some stuff done, but the second day I was there we get hit with a bomb from his roommates. They wanted him out by Tuesday. So after a couple of conversations trying to get a few extra days, 2 days really isn't very long, we realized how pathetic they were and decided just to leave even though legally Brendon could stay there. So we packed him up and Heather came down to save the day.
Some cool things did happen while I was in Van though, I bought a new pair of jeans that are sooo awesome! I love them. Oh and I found out that while trying on jeans that I am a LOT smaller than I thought I was. I was trying on size 7 jeans, apparently I can wear size 3. The ones I bought are size 5, because they were the only ones I could find in the style i wanted, and I could only afford to buy one pair. They fit nice, but I have to wear a belt. Oh and I bought a really awesome belt! I love Urban Planet. So yeah that was very exciting!
Another thing that I did was get headshots done. I figured it was something I was going to need to get done, so I went for it. It was so much fun! and I have realized that I really want to start working in the industry so I am contemplating moving there this summer ? ? !! I don't know for sure yet though. But yeah when I get the proofs I will post some up here so you can all see how hot I look in them :)so much fun.
Last night Heather, Bren and I met up with my mom for dinner at Rosie's on Robson. It was yummy, and free :) I love my mom.
Bren and I had so many plans for the week, like go to Granville Island, see a live play down there, do some other fun stuff, like a lot of window shopping and meeting up with some of hs friends(I did meet 2 which was awesome), but our time was shortened. But there will always be next time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning myself and my wife in your blog. I would like to comment on the portion pertaining to us, however, as I don't believe it's entirely accurate.

Truth: "We did provide Brendon with 2 days to vacate"
False: "This isn't a lot of time"

Giving this amount of time was actually a favor to him as a friend. Given the nature of the offenses it could have been proper to remove him with no notice.

Truth: "We realized how pathetic they were"
False: "Decided just to leave even though legally Brendon could stay there"

Both of you must have realized how pathetic it was to allow you to stay 2 days longer than we should have allowed. So in response, Brendon left in the time frame requested with only minor hassle, which we appreciate. On the note of legalities I'm afraid you may need to check your sources. The agreement we had was not covered under the BC Residential Tenancy Act. According to the act it does not apply when the "living accommodation in which the tenant shares bathroom or kitchen facilities with the owner of that accommodation." If you are able to find any act (provincial or federal) that will uphold this type of arrangement (keep in mind there is no written contract either) I will gladly refund the amount Brendon had paid for the days he was not living here (8 days, $88.57). "Legally," Brendon was considered a guest, a fact which we feel he abused multiple times.

I ask that you do not simply delete this comment. I have posted it without any personal remarks or ill feelings against you or Brendon. As I (and my wife) have mentioned, we have no bad feeling against either of you; but we simply could not ignore the offense and had to act on it.