No Hard Drive...No Computer...No Internet

I was in withdrawals, but have surprisingly come around and am doing okay now. I have actually really enjoyed the free time that not having computer access allows. I have had time to do all kinds of neat things, like cleaning, shopping, visiting with friends. I am definitely going to be giving myself strict guidelines to how much time can be spent on the internet from now on!

In other news, a few days after my computer crashed, my phone died too. I was deeply saddened with this news until I learned I was going to be getting a new phone and I wouldn't have to wait til September to get a new one. So my new phone looks like a car! It's very exciting. I am in need of naming it, since every car needs a name :) So if any of you have any ideas that would be grande!

So I know disasters happen in threes, so I am hoping that nothing else breaks down, and Brendon's move was disaster 1, although it was really a blessing, for all parties involved I imagine. If you read my last blog entry and proceeding comment I have decided to grant the wishes of the poster and not delete the comment. Although I have a lot of things I wish to say to them, I will not post them on here. As I did not name names, and suppressed my feelings in the previous blog I would have appreciated the same. But apparently not. This will be the last post on this subject. I feel that the issue has been dealt with and no longer wish to drag it up. I would appreciate it if all parties would follow this. It's over.

Now for something funny....last Sunday Pam, Brent, Brendon and I went to an Academy Awards party and I won two prizes. One for Most Nominated Movies Watched (at the time I had seen 10 that was on our list not including Superman Returns and another one...I now have seen 12.5...still waiting to watch the end of The Last King of Scotland) for which I won a book of Sudoku puzzles and a pen. The second for Least Amount of Awards Won (we voted on which movies/actors/directors/etc would win the awards, I only got one out of the list that we were voting on...I got a couple more on the ones we weren't voting for :) ) for which I won a big mug. The evening was a lot of fun. We had a potluck and just hung out. I have to say though that Ellen was an amazing host for the awards. She is awesome!

Ok well I need to be off and get some stuff done before work. And then going to a Blazers game after work...maybe the Blazers will actually win ?!?

and last but definitely not least:

Happy Birthday Brendon!

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Heather said...

Wow, just read the comment on the previous entry. So special. And such courage to post anonymously too.
The Blazers winning? That'd be a nice little switch! Looks like one of the players is going to be off ice by virtue of his enormous ego - gotta love hockey players!
And Ellen? Didn't actually watch much of the Oscars, but saw her show afterwards and some the stuff she did and agree, she is rather awesome.
See you tonight! (I think...gotta get some info for the game!)