Living at camp

Well I know it has been forever since I did an actual post, but here is a bit of what has been going on lately.

May 23 was a day from hell! At Jill's we were preparing for this HUGE catering job and I was left alone with a trainee for the morning, which wasn't too bad, but I had to make breakfasts...which I don't like to do. The frying pan handle was left over a pilot light, which you wouldn't think would get too hot, but yeah totally burnt my hand!!! I was so mad. I really couldn't do much for a couple of hours til I got some burn ointment on it with pain killers in it.
Later I go to the grocery store to get some chocolate for the chocolate covered strawberries and in the store parking lot the axel breaks and the front passenger side wheel comes off! yeah! SCARY! I got some help from some very nice gentlemen, and eventually had to use my only free tow for the year and about 2 hours later I deliver the chocolate which has already started to melt in the sun.
Later that night at the catering event, a lid didn't get taken off a chaffing dish after being taken out of the oven and I grab it to take it off, and WHAM burnt 3 fingers and thumb on my left hand! So now both hands are burnt, I'm in the back crying because this day sucks...not neccessarily because I'm in pain. And these 2 old men won't leave me alone! I was like dudes I'm PMSing and I've had a bad day leave me alone! oh and then some Blondie kept flirting with my boyfriend, but at that point I just didn't care anymore!
The next day some hits and drives over our baracades for the "patio" and gets a post up through his floorboard...and then tells us it's our fault! So after that week I was really happy to be done for a few months....which brings me too.....

I'm so happy! I got here on Thursday for Tara's batchlorette party. For which I had a terrible case of food poisoning and spent almost 24hours in bed! yeah it was gross. But i was better for the wedding on Saturday which was AWESOME! like really we got to go swimming and play games at the wedding! it was stellar! And Tara was so gorgeous.

So today was my first official day on the job and after 4 gorgeous days of 30 degree weather...it rained and was like maybe 15 degrees. It was miserable, and I spent 3 hours at the archery range getting soaked! And there are so many mosquitos out here! The sunny weather was great but they all hatched and I am COVERED in bites! It's so gross! and itchy!

This afternoon I was supposed to be cleaning the office and my deesk...yeah that's right I got a desk and office(shared with Sarah), but I have been so lazy, and my parents stopped by and I ate. I did get my desk cleaned and all the shirts organized and out of the boxes...now I just need to fold them all :S so much work!

SO if anyone wants to come out this summer, we are in need of staff for several camps this summer! let me know!

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