Still "Roughing" It

OK so I'm really not "roughing" it at all. I have hot showers, food and a warm bedroom indoors, which for the next 2 weeks I don't have to share. I really love being up here, and wonder why more people don't just love the whole camp experience!
My days have been spent mostly with the kids who come up for the School Free Days teaching them archery. I have always loved archery, so it's kinda cool to see these kids really getting into it. Over the past could of weeks I haven't really been doing my shooting myself, because I really didn't want the kids to see how bad I was. Well this week I decided to go shoot myself while I was up there with them...and you know what?!? I'm actually good! I still got aim from way back when I was a camper! All that time spent up at the archery range with Lynnea and Tara actually helped! ha ha! I had some pretty impressive kids yesterday when we decided to put a balloon over the target, and I popped the balloon and my arrow got stuck in the canvas just below the bulls eye! And yes getting the arrow stuck is a big thing because usually the arrows just bounce off the canvas. SO it was pretty cool I must admit!

Yesterday the black paper arrived so I could start decorating. We also got another "decoration" that I must say freaks me right out! Our theme this year is "Mission Impossible" with our theme verse being John 3:16. (Finally a year where I already have the them verse memorized!!), but anyway some lady made us this life size stuffed man! Right now he's just sitting on the bench outside the office, so whenever I walk up the stairs or walk out of the office I think someone is there and freak out! All I can say is I am going to be having a lot of fun with him this year :D oh the girls camps are going to be fun ha ha! Other decorations I'm working on is a huge silhouette of a dude creeping around the dining hall. I'm also doing a huge map of the camp on one wall, and a mural in the chapel. I think the mural is what I am most excited about! I get to paint!

But anyway I should get to work...and go enjoy this gorgeous weather! I hope all of you are having a great summer!

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