First off here is what I saw this morning when I woke up. It was 6:30am and there was a lot of sunlight coming into my window. The weather was nice like this until about noonish when it turnded to the usual northern weather of sunny and hot for 10 minutes then cloudy and cold for 10 minutes...I finially got fed up and went inside. Now I'm thinking of heading back out since it is nice once again. Ok so now for a cute kid pic. We got this truck full of stuff for the kitchen and tuck shop, so we had a lot of boxes around. All the kids were dragging them around and climbing in them and such. So here is Allison who dragged this huge box into the tuck shop from the kitchen.
And just because Allison wanted me to, and I was curious, I decided to see if I could fit in the box....
Room for too.
Allison has an identical twin sister...and yes I am starting to figure them out...sort of.

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