Life at Camp

I'm halfway through my summer here at camp. And although I miss everyone in Kamloops so much, and I am having an awesome time here. We have had 2 camps so far and are currently on day 2 of Sr Girls. I have had quite a few girls ask if people from our group were here. So hello everyone from Kamloops who were here last year. We miss you.
The Lifeguard came June 28th. Her name is Allison (Bucket) and we get along great! Yeah it's pretty awesome. She has already cracked an egg on my head and tried to get me thrown in the lake several times, but hasn't succeeded yet. She has been thrown in though...for instigating other people being thrown in the lake.
We also have a Maintenence Supervisor this year. His name is Christoff(MUD), and he has been very helpful in doing cleaning stuff and making sure that there is firewood chopped for everyone. He also has shown his usefullness when we went into town for some shopping and he carried all our bags :)
So yeah...I will add some pictures to this eventually...I will have to use the other computer though, but if you would like to see what is happening out at camp this summer we have a blog that you can visit at www.theroughacresdaily.blogspot.com I try to update it daily.

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Carin said...

ooohh I am missin you too!! glad you posted an update! I can't wait to come to visit in Kamloops... how is everything going anyway?? say hi to Bucket, Mud and Sprite for me!!