Why I love it here....

1. I have amazing roommates! Jen, Kim and Ashley(and Micah) are a dream come true. Coming from past roommate experiences I couldn't be more blessed. They are awesome, and although I really haven't gotten a chance to spend much time with them, I really want to! This picture was taken just before Ashley and Micah moved in. We got another picture taken at our first dinner together, but Jen hasn't posted it on Facebook yet so I can't steal it yet :)
(Micah is Ashley's baby :) he's really cute)

2. My house is in a beautiful area of the city. My street is tree lines and all the leaves have turned colour and are falling and it's gorgeous and "fally". And I'm on transit so it's easy to access the city easy.

3. BRENDON LIVES HERE! (This really isn't number 3...more like number 1...but it just came out of my fingers in this order)

4. I have access to living out my passion! Today I had my first experience on set. I was doing background with Brendon for Helen, a movie with Ashley Judd. It was pretty cool. and the food was amazing!

Reason I don't like it here:
I miss my Kamloops friends! :(

I'm still considering doing NaBloPoMo....I have a couple more days to decide. I'm just not sure if I actually have something interesting to write about every day.....I guess if there are any lurkers out there...if you think I can do it...post questions and I will answer them?? I am going to say any question...embarrassing or not...this could get scary!

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Heather said...

Hey cool, I'm in your sidebar!
*ahem.* Anyhow, I'm glad you like your new place, and that's awesome that you got to bed on set. I really like Ashley Judd. I think one of my favourites of hers would've been Double Jeopardy.
I haven't decided about NaBloPoMo either...it's a lot of work! And I'm not that interesting! ;) (Not that it *usually* stops me from talking heh)
And I mis YOU! *mwah*