100th Post!!

Wow I can't believe I have only hit 100 now! It feels like I have been blogging forever, and if I had bothered to actually blog regularly I might have hit it a long time ago! But anyway YEAY!

Ok enough of that. Today was pretty fun. I opened this morning. By myself. Totally freaked out on the 1 hr bus ride to UBC, but when I got there it was a breeze! I almost tripled sales from yesterday in 3.5 hours. I sold everything that I was wanting to buy, which made me sad, but my bank account happy. There was this really cute jewel tone blue sweater dress which was so nice, but I kind of convinced a girl to buy it. She tried it on, and although it was a tad tight she decided to buy it anyway, because I mentioned I was dying to try it on and buy it. So maybe this is a good business for me to be in. After all, anyone who has ever seen my closet/floor knows how much I love clothes!

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