Congratulations Ang and Ryan!

Even though they probably don't read this, or have any idea about my blog, I want to congratulate my friends Angela and Ryan on the birth of their son, Aiden. He is incredibly cute, from the pictures I have seen, in that newborn baby kind of cute. I am very excited to go back to Kamloops and see him, and how incredibly adorable Ryan must be with his son!

Ok so in my news....I LOVE MY JOB! so far anyway :) I've been doing a pretty good job at selling, and am excited to see where my points are at for free merch. I already know what I want :D

Ok for those of you reading this...and I know you are out there as I get about 25 hits a day. Tell me something about yourself, or something you want to know about me....like how many times I can spin around without getting sick...or how many waffles I can eat without getting sick...or something. I don't know. Just leave me something! I'm curious as to who you are.


Tiffany said...
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Heather said...

Isn't he so cute? There's one pic in Jen's facebook of Ryan and his dad with Aidan, and they both look totally smitten. It's adorable!
Something about you...hmm. What your favourite song you ever skated to?