Escape Artist

After the parade, a group began to gather around the steps of the art gallery. We figured it was a protest so we were just going to walk by, until Brendon saw a guy chained up in a straight jacket. So we had to stop! It sort of was a protest in that he was doing street theatre (which rocks!) and telling the crowd that it is a dying art (which it totally is!).

So here he is at the beginning talking with the crowd.

This is right before he dislocated his shoulder (EW)

And it's off!
The pretty lights at the hospital

Each star has a name in it of the supporters/donation givers
And that's about it for me today. ONE MORE WEEK! Lets see if this year changes at all and I actually blog AFTER November! haha.

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Heather said...

Ooh the lights are so pretty! And that'd be really fun, to see a street actor.