A Magical Day Comes To A Close

B and I had another amazing day. We discovered at noon that the Santa Clause Parade began downtown at 1pm, so we quickly got ready, met on the skytrain and made it downtown to see the parade just as it was beginning. The crowds were crazy, the moms were crazy(I'll address this seperately later) and it was a dream come true day. Here are some pictures of some of the sites we saw today.
This is the Purdy's Hedgehog..they were giving chocolates to the crowd but we got stuck in an area of crazy moms so we didn't get any.

A favourite of B's and mine...The CocaCola float! (they weren't giving away coke...which would have been pretty awesome!)

It's Tigger and Winnie the Pooh!

This was our favourite float. It's the Ice Queen. It was a really cool float.

The WorkSafe BC float was just funny with it's cute little guys.

There were the Who's...

...and of course the Grinch on the back.

Then came Frosty the Snowman...


...and of course Santa came last...

...along with some creepy guy looking out the window!(I think it's supposed to be an elf)

After the parade we wandered around downtown until we ended up at this awesome Greek restaurant called Olympia. I remember it from the news a while back. The Olympic committee tried suing them for using the Olympic name or something like that.

After dinner we wandered passed some awesome lights to head back to the sky train.
(These pictures won't load tonight, so I will add them tomorrow along with the Escape Artist)

We ended our evening with a movie. B let me pick. We saw Enchanted! It was such a cute movie. I love it! B actually enjoyed himself, as there were quite a few humorous moments, but made sure I knew that I now have to go to a movie of his picking(it's bound to be scary and one I would not go to willingly).

Crazy Mom Note: I know that there is a large portion of bloggers out there who are moms...but this has to be said. Just because you are a mom and you have your child with you does not mean you are royalty! In a setting such as a parade, your stroller takes up the room of 2 people! You and your child are now taking up 3 people's places. When you put your child on your shoulders, you are blocking numerous people behind you, including other children's views, and your child will probably kick someone in the process of putting them on your shoulder. Also, when you start swearing at people who are trying to move through the crowd, and you refuse to move your stroller so people can walk through, you are the one being rude, not the person who is trying to get to work, and a poor example to your children I might add. Oh and I don't appreciate you pushing me while trying to keep other people from walking through the crowd to go to the bathroom with THEIR children.

Ok that is enough from me for the night. It was truly a wonderful day. I was saddened by the attitudes and behavior of some people near me today, but we live in America (by that I mean North America aka Western Civilization) so I should be used to the snobbery, stuck up, rudeness that is American. Sorry Canada...you really have given away all of your kindness.

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