Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is/was my parent's anniversary. I don't remember what year it is...29 or 30 I think??? But Anyway HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Ok so like I said yesterday, today was nuts! I had a job interview, audition, and I had to go to the bank and grocery shopping, plus I made a huge dinner for my house mates(which included a roast, home made buns and cinnamon buns), AND we had a meeting with our house manager. It was all kinda nuts, but I got through the day and tonight Jen and I chatted for like an hour. It's really cool how I am connecting with her. It was my biggest worry about moving here...not getting along with my roommates and not having a "girl" friend.

So I was going to take pictures of our dinner, but my mind was more on my audition, so I didn't. I'm sorry. But it was really good!

Well now I am going to bed. I'm tired and have some big plans for tomorrow as well....such as laundry! YEAY!

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Heather said...

Oooh I should make some cinnamon buns :-D Let us know how your audition goes, eh? Good luck!