Lazer Tag and more

Well first of all I have to start this post with:


Ok now back to the regular program:
I started out today by trying out a new church. It was pretty awesome because it was basically one big worship service, which is exactly what I was needing. It was wonderful.

Afterwards, Brendon and I headed to my house where we made pancakes and scrambled eggs and ate a huge meal.

We then did random stuff til 6ish when we headed to Planet Lazer for an awesmoe evening of shooting people. We originally thought we would have a large group, but only 5 of us ended up going. BUT our first game was with like 30 other people! Yep it was pretty insane! Everywhere I went I got shot at! Let's just say I'm not the best at Lazer Tag....BUT I had a lot of fun and that is what mattered.

I'm really tired so I apologize for this post and it's incoherentness.

Oh but I had a wonderful surprise from my roommate tonight as I stepped out of the bathroom. There was a trail of candy that led to my room! She is, as Pierre taught me today, stuntastic! (stunning and fantastic) ((YES! I used it in my post! woo!))

Yeah I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow will be crazy...but I will leave that for tomorrow night's post.

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