I had the best of intentions to post after November, but then life happened. It has been absolutely nuts these past couple of days. I have had some crazy adventures in the snow, played lazer tag, and had an awesome Christmas party.

On Saturday it snowed. And not just a little bit...it SNOWED! This was really funny, because Vancouver has no idea what to do when it snows. The buses were 15-45 minutes late, people were freaking out at all the shoe stores(getting winter boots). It was a riot. Well we drove to Superstore and picked up a Christmas tree. It's big and beautiful and REAL! It's my first real Christmas tree ever! So I was pretty excited. Actually by this time there wasn't a lot of snow yet. It really started to come down that night. We went to Denny's for a farewell party for Pierre, since he is heading back to France for a month. Then we headed down to the seawall for some snowball fights(which started the moment we stepped out of Denny's). A few passer byersmay have been hit in the process. :) It was crazy fun (and cold) and we lost track of time and almost missed the last bus home. If it hadn't of been snowing we would have, but the bus was 45 minutes late!!! So while I was trying to call a cab, 2 buses show up, neither let us on the bus to warm up, and after waiting for like 10-15 minutes more in the cold we finally get on the bus and head home.

On Sunday, Brendon and I had tickets to the Avirl Lavigne concert. The concert ended up to be pretty rad. I was very cold, very wet, but still had a blast. Here's a video. no video today, Blogger won't let me If you are on facebook check out the video on there.

Last night was our Christmas party. I'll get pictures of that up eventually.

PS If anyone can tell me how to keep the background fixed and only the text scrolls please let me know!

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Mrs. Wilson said...

YOu'd have to go into your HTML and find where you put your code in. Something will say scroll, and just overwrite that with fixed.

I think.