Concerts and Private School

The last 3 days have been insane! I have had so much fun! On Wednesday I was in "Metropolis" at a One Republic concert, Thursday I was a student in an advanced English class at the prestigious private school "Douglas Academy", and Friday I cheered our home team at the "Douglas Academy Pep Rally" as a cheerleader! Oh and I got paid enough in those 3 days to make rent!

So if you haven't guessed already, I was on set for three days. Wednesday was for Smallville, and Thursday and Friday were for a TV movie called The Room at the End of the Hall. It's a thriller starring Sarah Rue. Although I may never see it, I really want to. The story actually sounds pretty cool, and hey I have camera time as a cheerleader!

"The Room" was pretty fun and the crew was really awesome. For the bonfire/pep rally scene it was -5 and, well, we were in cheerleading costumes! It was a little cold. So they got a tent for us with 2 heaters, and as soon as the director yelled cut we ran to that tent! All my years as a figure skater cure paid off though, I was not nearly as cold as the other girls!

Well I was just informed that my roommate now owns all the seasons of One Tree Hill, and since we have only a month to watch them all before the new season starts we better start now!


Tiffany said...

That is exciting that you have been busy working. It sounds like lots of fun. I wish that my job was as much fun as yours!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I am SO excited for the next season of One Tree Hill!