I'll Be Home For Christmas

Yep that's right, I am heading back to Hazelton for Christmas! It's been awhile since I have done that; the last two Christmases I have spent in Kamloops and Valemount. This year will be a lot of traveling, but it should be worth it since I will be spending time with all of my families. I'm starting by heading up to Kamloops for 2 days, then heading to Valemount for 3 days to spend with Brendon's family, and then heading to Haz for 5ish days to spend Christmas with my family, and then back to Kamloops for about a week to spend some time with my family there. Oh and there will be the trip into PG on Boxing Day with my brother for some shopping! I will be on the road a LOT over the holidays, so please keep me in your prayers! As most of you know, BC roads are not the best in the winter!

hmm...what else can I share with you...today I got my Christmas shopping finished. Brendon and I went to Metrotown today...it's a Saturday...it was a tad nuts!

I decided to do some experimentation with my kitchen skills again tonight. I tried these thanks to Jen. I haven't tasted them yet post chocolate dipping, but the dough tasted pretty good as I was making them :) I'm going to serve them to the girls tomorrow at our house gift exchange. We drew names for a secret Santa. But we know who got who...Jen got me, I got Jen, Ashley got Kim and Kim got Ashley. It's kinda funny. But yeay I get to open a present tomorrow!!!


Heather said...

Hey, I like your new pic and colours! I'm tempted to try those cookie balls too - even though I always eat the dough when it's made with eggs and haven't died yet ;-)
Aaanyway...I'm pretty jealous you're all done your Christmas shopping, not at ALL jealous of you being in Metrotown on a Saturday this close to Christmas, and very much looking forward to seeing you again! <3

Mrs. Wilson said...

mmmm ... those are SO good. My chocolate was a tad too thick for some of them - thinner chocolate tasted better.

Tiffany said...

I really like your new layout! I want to change mine but I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm not going to go there. Hope you have a fun and safe trip! You must be excited to be going home for Christmas!