Heading Home

Today is the first lag of my journey. So before I leave I thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures from the past couple of days.

We had a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at my house that really wasn't so secret. Jen got me this "Spi-dog" that I can plug into my ipod and it will play music and light up and move it's head to the music. That part is really cool. It also needs love and attention apparently, I just turn it off, but Micah loves it. It has become our house's favourite babysitting trick.

The other night Brendon and I went to see the lights in Stanley park, but we got there too late to get any tickets for the train, so we just walked along the seawall and looked at all the boats instead. The names of some are pretty funny, and some annoying: "Just Because" made us think that it belongs to some rich person who thought one day "I don't have a boat! I should go buy one!"
Here is a picture from some of the lights we did see while in Stanley Park. These ones you didn't have to pay to see! This is my favourite one of the ones I took:Well I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Mrs. Wilson said...

wow. beautiful lights.

Tiffany said...

Hope you had a good visit and a wonderful trip. Happy New Year!