Happy New Year!

I'm Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I sure did. I spent a few days in Kamloops before heading up to Hazelton for almost a week (Valemount was cut from the trip). I actually enjoyed my time at home. It was great to see my parents and my brother, although he was there for maybe 5 hours :) I even got to see a friend from high school who moved to New Brunswick and was back for Christmas! It's been about 6 years since I had seen him, so I was pretty excited. I also got to visit with some of my guy friends from highschool and my "little sister" Meaghan. Oh and I watched a LOT of television! And I do mean a LOT! There was a Roswell marathon on Boxing Day. It was many hours! Mom kept asking me questions about the series (we used to watch it when it was on tv) that I couldn't remember. My roommate Jen has the Roswell series on DVD so I am pretty excited to watch them all again! Especially now that I have seen a few of them!

After Haz I went back to Kamloops for about a week. I spent a couple of days at Pam and Brents and then headed over to Brendon's family's house. New Years Eve was spent at my friend Chantal's house. We had a nice little party with some of my friend's from church. We played a game at around 11 to help us with "resolutions". We were all given a piece of paper with a resolution and a task on it. The first person to get their task completed won a prize. My resolution was to be more observant. I had to photograph 15 boats around the house. I won. I guess I am pretty observant after all.

The rest of the trip was pretty much spent with Bethany, Brendon's sister, playing games and shopping. Oh and we saw Alien vs Predator Requiem on Bethany's birthday. I don't like scary movies. But it was alright. I would recommend to any women who are pregnant or are planning on being pregnant not to watch it. There's one scene that just wasn't nice. That's all I am going to say.

So now I am back in Vancouver. The night I came in I spent about 2 hours talking with Jen. I missed her :) It's nice to be home.

oh and PS
De-lurking Week will be January 8-12.
That's right now. So leave a comment, let me know who's come by. Just say hi if you want :)


Mrs. Wilson said...

DELURKING! Even though I don't lurk ...

Tiffany said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that you had a good holiday! I can't believe how quickly they flew by!