I agree with Jessica Simpson on one thing...

...Proactiv is amazing stuff AND it works! I just started using it this week, and already my skin is nicer! and by nicer I mean more clear and soft!

Ok so what a way to start a post after several weeks of silence right! Ok so I'm going to add another title right here:

That's because I'm going to share some pictures with you guys. I was asked to do a photo shoot at one of the photography schools and over the past week I have been receiving photos from some of the photographers. Here are 3 of my favorites:

Photo by Rob Hebden

Photo by: Naomi Maya

Photo by Wayne Wiens

The other exciting event that has happened in the past couple of weeks was the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. Mom flew into Vancouver with some ladies from work to see them, and bought me a ticket for the final day. I saw the Ladies Freeskate, the Parade of Champions, the Medal Ceremonies and the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame induction of Jamie Salle and David Pelletier. After the Parade of Champions Jamie and David skated. I recorded it one my little digi cam. So it's not the greatest of quality, but special.

(The video that was supposed to be here refused to load, so I'll try loading it later)

I also got to see Shae-Lyn Bourne and Victor Kraatz (the MCs for the PoC) do some hydro blading and such. That was also pretty awesome because they are hilarious and haven't skated together in quite awhile!

Well that's enough from me for today. Other than to say if you haven't seen the movie Juno yet...GO SEE IT!

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Heather said...

I like how pensive you are in the third one :-) I should also order some more proactiv - I was doing quite well on it, and I ran out...but it's so expensive! Ahh! ;-)