My Name is Robyn. I'm Here to Help!

This weekend I took and passed my Standard First Aid and CPR Level C. It was pretty easy. I was worried going into it that since it has been almost a full year since I was in a "classroom setting" that I might find it hard to keep my attention on the course, but it was so intriguing that the days actually went by really fast. I aced the exam (the easiest ever!). So yeah, now I am terrified that someone is going to have a heart attack or car accident near me and I will have to react and do what I am now trained to do...since by law I now have to help.

In other cool interest news. If you have ever lost your camera, found a camera or found film, you should check out this website Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures. It's a pretty neat idea.\

Oh and I quit my old job and found a new job this week. I walked into my new job with a resume, got an interview within minutes of talking with the manager, and was hired at my interview. I'm excited to start training.

Also, check out The Satellite Nation if you haven't heard of them yet. Great band. Just got signed with Universal. The bass player is my new manager.

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