Terrible Blogger

Yes the title would be referring to me. I am sorry for any of you who read this and have been wondering what in the world I have been up to. Truth is...a lot! but I still had time to blog but just didn't.

Ok so since February 7th I have been working at Mantique, done quite a few photo shoots, and worked on my first student film. (I feel like this entire past week has been in front of a camera!)

I have had an amazing dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill on Davie for Valentine's day, which included lobster, steak, chicken and crab!
I have had to say goodbye see you later to a couple of friends. Pierre has moved back to France for an undetermined time to apply for his dual citizenship and stuff so he can move back to Canada and become a famous and rich actor. We had a day long shindig for him which included BeaverTails in North Van, sushi at Shabusan(Pierre's first taste), a Munny, pool, dancing, frolicking in a fountain of bubbles(found out later it was Tide laundry detergent - definitely paid for that later) and Denny's.
Snejina has gone off to Toronto for Toronto Fashion Week (which is a month long process with casting and then shows), but will thankfully be back at the end of March. But I'm sure if all goes well this month she won't be in Vancouver for long. We got an awesome day at Stanley Park in before they both left. Brendon wasn't up for a picture :)
I have celebrated a birthday(Brendon's) with lots of "free" meals and more pool. Apparently it's now our fun new thing...hey it's cheap!
Oh and I'm moving. Yeah I know I said before everyone else was moving and I was staying, well things happened and I decided living in this environment was not the greatest decision. BUT, I found a place which is right beside a skytrain station and it has a gym and pool! Yeah so hopefully that means that I will actually use them!

So hopefully I will be better at this whole blogging thing and won't wait until next November to pick it up again.

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Heather said...

Well it sure is nice to hear what's going on with you :-) And the pictures rule. I hope the new place works out really well, and that we can chat sometime soon.