2 days in a row!

I know it's crazy! But hey, maybe I can start getting the hang of this again.
I have news!!! I just picked up 2 more shifts a week, which is going to totally make my life financially easier! I am completely excited about this, especially since I will have 4 days in a row! AND one of those days I will be in charge of the floor (which is a hint at possible management training in the future!!!). I'm pretty excited!
AND I have an audition tomorrow so wish me luck!

Here's a little bonus...a couple of pictures from shoots this week:

This one was taken by Johan Bos. I think I look like one of those animals with a big head & little body, but I still really like it :)

The following three were taken by Elaine Wong. I love my tshirt!


Heather said...

Great pictures! I especially like the first one. And did I mention last time that I like the new header? Because I do :-)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Great pics!

ps. Liliana is wearing the "Teeny Tiny Girl Squad" shirt today!

Tiffany said...

The pictures look great. I have a lot of your blog to catch up on!