It has only been 6 months since my last move, and although I know I want to move again soon, I really hope it's not really soon! No, the place isn't horrible, it's really nice actually(I haven't gone to the gym yet...I will... eventually), it's just so far away from work. It's easier to get to work than my old place, it just seems longer, although today I zoned out listening to music, and before I knew it I was one station away from my stop!

Ok so in other news, I did get the promotion. I asked my manager what kind of availability I would need, and we worked it out so I could get more hours but still stay available for doing the acting/modeling stuff. It's pretty great, and some people are a little jealous of my schedule...4 days on 3 days off...it's nice.

I have a couple of pictures for you from the last shoot I did...the outdoors one. I think they actually turned out pretty well. The photographer for both of these is Joy Zhao.
I also received 2 emails regarding paying modeling gigs. One is for a portfolio/class assignment with one of the photographers I have worked with a couple time at one of the photography schools, the other is with another student photographer (the one who borrowed glasses frames) who is interested in working with me for a catalog and in store advertisements. I'll let you know what becomes of all that. But for now...I'm off to bed!

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Heather said...

Well look at you all glam! Very pretty :) I hope the transit works out.